Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is helping employees improve their personal communication skills through practical knowledge and skills on verbal, nonverbal and written communication, practicing listening skills especially active listening, as well as practical application of the topics presented.

After the course completion, the participants will have the following skills:

• Ability to learn and practice verbal, nonverbal, and written communication;

• Ability to understand the role and importance of the nonverbal communication and effectively use their skills for nonverbal communication, and be able to make a distinction between “listening” and “active listening”;

• Participants will learn all the factors which influence successful communication as well as overcoming communication obstacles;

• Participants will be able to make a self assessment on their personal communications styles, and make possible adjustments during the communication with their coworker or business partner for the purpose having a successful communication; and

• Ability to practice and improve the skills for asking the right question and active listening.


    1. Basic Communication Skills
    2. Communication Process
    3. Verbal Communication
    4. Communication Skills
    5. Listening Skills
    6. Active Listening
    7. Obstacles for effective listening
    8. Coordination, analysis, and summarizing
    9. Self assessment of communication styles
    10. Characteristics of communication styles
    11. Adjusting your own style to the style for effective communication