When you write professional business correspondence and otherwise communicating with recruiters, you must be aware of the culture and etiquette of the country where your letters will be evaluated. Researching those values and perceptions will increase your chances of success.

General Guidelines:

  • Introduce yourself and clearly indicate the aim of your letter, elaborate on this if you think it will play in your favour. (The same is true for phone calls.)
  • Give a personal touch to your letter – use the name and title of the person you are writing to; mention what you know about him or her, especially if it can help break the ice: common background, school, work experience…
  • Tailor each letter to the recruiting company`s culture and its specific needs.
  • Support your statements with facts and examples. Avoid being fawning or importunate.
  • Be as clear as possible; avoid long and complicated sentences, stick to average-length paragraphs, present information briefly and precisely.
  • Use the active voice. Be positive in tone, content and expectations.
  • Respect business correspondence etiquette (check country specifics).
  • Maintain a consistent style throughout your correspondence.
  • Always keep copies of letters and make notes after a telephone conversation.